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At Sheppard Realty, we help you make the best buying and selling decisions when it comes to farm and ranch real estate in Saskatchewan. To help ensure that you’re on top of your game, we continue to provide up to date news and articles that are relevant to your needs.

5 Impressive Saskatchewan Farming Facts

SHEPPARD REALTY Saskatchewan is known as Canada’s breadbasket, and for good reason. That said, our agricultural system extends far beyond wheat. From fruit to eggs and everything in between, the farmers in our provinces produce high-quality food that feeds the world....

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9,855 Acres Near Cando, SK SOLD!

SHEPPARD REALTY We would like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on the O'Driscoll's, our All Star Seller clients who just SOLD their farm near Cando, SK. The O'Driscoll's approached us last Winter about selling their family farm operation of 9,855 acres and we...

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Tips For Buying Farmland in Saskatchewan

SHEPPARD REALTY Are you thinking of buying farmland in Saskatchewan? If so, you’ll find plenty of sought-after acres here. Our province is blessed with a booming agricultural sector, and it boasts a wide variety of land types. That said, locating the right land for...

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